Baby Fruit ®

This is the trademark which defines the zero-residue production dedicated to the most careful consumers, a totally safe product as for the presence of chemical residues. The zero-residue product is regulated by the EU law regarding food products for the childhood and the level of undetected residues is kept below 0,01 ppm. This is obtained through a careful selection of the active principles, of the schedules and of the treatment techniques.

Promotion and marketing of the Apple of Verona

Press campaign 2007.

BabyFruit is a typical, healthy and natural product. The campaign, conceived by the agency Milkadv, underlines these features: Babyfruit. 0% pesticides, 100% Veronese. The text makes the benefits immediately recognizable: an apple without additives and strictly bound to the land. A land which is loved and respected by the people who operates in it and that grow the apple of Verona. The visual underlines the characteristics of the fruit: a tasty and savory product. Healthy for the kids and irresistible for the adults. The campaign, published on the most important newspapers and on numerous high circulation magazines, was a big success and led BabyFruit, the apple which is good to eat, literally on everybody’s mouth.


The materials used for the apple of Verona follow the coordinated image created for the BabyFruit. A clean and immediate graphic design, fresh and alluring, different from the usual communication. In this way, the leaf, peculiar element of the apple, becomes an original tool to close the packaging. And to remind the freshness, the healthyness and naturality of the product.

Personalized wooden and carton boxes

The institutional colors are used for the boxes too. The graphic design, painstaking but simple, is in line with the other materials. Just the clean and consistent style is useful not to forget the main character of the campaign: the apple of Verona. With its colors, its shape and its scent.

Folder and postcards

The product folders and the postcards for the consumer follow the layout of the whole communication. The visual is the same of the press campaign, the colors and illustrations supply all the information on the product, without weighing down the reader and offering to a more and more conscious audience, information, details and curios on the apple of Verona. A fruit known since ancient times but which continues to be appreciated today.

Recipe book

The history, the features, the growing areas and four tasty recipes to fully appreciate the apple of Verona. Thanks to a modern and topical graphic design, the simple concept of apple has evolved to make it something different. The symbol and the pride of a whole land and of those who grew up in this land and continues to grow this fruit. The recipes are a way to discover the eclecticism of this product: simple on the surface but ideal base for tasty and original dishes.

Certified products

Ozark Gold

The Ozark Gold, originally from Missouri (USA), started to spread around the 70s. It is a very interesting cultivar both for its productivity...

Gruppo Gala

The Gala Group is a summer variety, originally from New Zealand. It has good organoleptic properties and is particularly interesting for the high productivity...

Golden Delicious

The Golden Delicious, originally from America, is the most common apple variety nowadays. Its shape is slightly conic and one of its main features...

Granny Smith

Thanks to its green color, the Granny Smith is surely among the most recognizable varieties.
It was born in 1868 from a casual crossbreed in Australia...


The Imperatore apple, a national production, is easily recognizable for its smooth and waxy skin, its green color with bright red stripes...


The Fuji variety originally comes, as its name suggests, from Japan, where it is still quite common and appreciated. While in Japan its roots are ancient...

Red Chief

The Red Chief apple is considered the apple par excellence. Its red color, its long and narrow shape, and its five rounded tips make it, in the collective imaginary, the perfect apple...


The Williams pear, selected at the end of the 17th century in England, is the most commonly grown variety of pear in Italy. Roundish, pale-green to pale yellow with small lenticels...


The Conference pear is a cultivar originally from England, which spread in Italy starting from mid ‘900 and which has now reached excellent production levels especially in Emilia-Romagna and Veneto. The fruit is medium-sized, pyriform...


The Abate pear gets its name from the French monk who selected it around mid 1600. It is one of the most precious varieties and, among all, the longest and slightly crooked one...


The Kaiser pear, also known as Imperatore Alessandro, has French origins. It is easily recognizable for its regular shape and for its tobacco-colored and completely russeted skin. The flesh is white-yellowish...


Kiwi originally came from China and there, more than seven-hundred years ago, it was considered an excellence. At the beginning of the 20th century the fruit, whose scientific name is “Actinidia chinensis”, reached New Zealand where it is largely produced...

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