Who we are.

The O.P. C.O.P. is a Consortium composed of 13 associated cooperatives which join together and represent around 1600 small and medium farms in the districts of Verona, Padua, Rovigo and Mantua.
Apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, kiwis, cherries, asparagus, radicchio, watermelon and pumpkins are among the main products; nevertheless, the offer is wider and the consortium is in a position to satisfy the demand for any other fruit or vegetable. The O.P. C.O.P. stands out for the considerable quantities of zero-residue products which are intended for the industry and for the fresh consumption in childhood feeding (with the registered trademark BabyFruit ®).
The modern processing plants allow to offer the products in a packaging suited for the modern distribution (bags, trays, boxes, plastic returnable packaging).

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Available technical means.

Preparation and conditioning stations – n. 4 situated at:

With capacity of refrigeration and conservation of about 21.000 ton and capacity of processing of more than 20.000 ton/h.

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