Kiwi of the Garda Lake

This is the trademark which defines the original Kiwi of the Garda Lake: a fleshy fruit, tasty, rich in vitamins and minerals. Produced in the area comprised between the Adige river Valley and the lake banks, this particular fruit is the only one guaranteed by the Protection Consortium: a trademark which is a synonymous of tastiness and absolute guarantee of healthyness. This is the reason why each cultivation phase, from the harvest to the cultivation, is subject to strict controls to maintain the qualitative features of the product.

Promotion and marketing of the Kiwi of the Garda Lake

Press campaign for the Kiwi of the Garda Lake 2008

The original Kiwi of the Garda Lake is the only one cultivated with the sun and the breeze of the lake. The campaign, conceived and realized by Milkadv, underlines these features: “Kiwi of the Garda Lake. Heart of the Garda Lake”. Thanks to its major impact, the headlines makes the benefit of the product immediately understood: the kiwi grows and is harvested near you, in a land that cuddles and nourishes it day by day. The visual marks these characteristics: a fruit which is not only tasty and inviting, but has a soft heart, tasty and…with the shape of the Garda Lake! The campaign, published on the most important newspaper and on the most read free press, had an enormous success and led the kiwi of the Garda Lake first on everybody’s mouth and afterwards on everybody’s table.

Flyers and postcards

The selling supports follow the layout of the whole communication. The visual is the same of the campaign, the texts supply all information on the product and the growing areas to satisfy more and more careful customers that want to know the origin of what they eat and wish to know the characteristics of each product.

Personalized carton boxes

The graphic design is used for the boxes too. Each detail was cured to be in line with the colors of the trademark and the institutional ones. On the sides of the boxes, the typical Garda landscape, made of sweet hills, blue waters and mild climate: the natural cradle where this sweet and sugary fruit grows.

Certified products


Kiwi originally came from China and there, more than seven-hundred years ago, it was considered an excellence. At the beginning of the 20th century the fruit, whose scientific name is “Actinidia chinensis”, reached New Zealand where it is largely produced...

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