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A natural cradle to grow an IGP product, irresistible for the young and the elder: the Cherry of the Veronese Hills. An excellence grown in a particularly suitable area, rich in permeable soils and with an ideal microclimate. And it is the long and optimal insolation, with the slopes of the hills facing south, to exalt the quality of the fruits, making them particularly firm and preservable. The generosity of Mother Nature is here supported by the passion of skillful farmers who use implantation,

pruning and breeding techniques that favor the quality and the typicality of the production, giving further beauty to the characteristic hilly landscape around Verona.


  • They are excellent thirst-quenchers
  • They eliminate the toxins and purify blood and kidneys
  • According to the Japanese tradition, they are a symbol of prosperity

The cherry of the Veronese Hills




Wooden box

mis. 30x40x12

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It is hard to be certain about the country of origin of the cherry tree: it probably arrived to Europe from the North-East Asia where it has been cultivated since prehistoric times. In Italy, it is said it was brought from the East by General Lucullo, who planted it in the garden of his villa.
The presence of the cherry tree cultivation in the area around Verona is testified by some bibliographical references that date back to the year 1503 and that report the possibility of finding cherries in Verona from April to September.
The pedoclimatic environment marks the Cherry of the Veronese Hills, giving it specific organoleptic properties: a particularly bright epidermis, a highly resistant skin, a quite solid flesh, and a ration between acidity and dry residue which gives it its peculiar flavor.
Very tasty to eat raw, they are an ideal ingredient for fruit salads, sorbets, ice-creams and pudding. Moreover, they are perfect in syrups, jams, juices, wines and brandy and can match with some game dishes.

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