Pesca di Verona (Peach of Verona) IGP

The trademark “Pesca di Verona IGP” defines peaches and nectarines which are guaranteed and certified as for the cultivar, level of sugar, taste balance, color and size, and packaged in special packaging as defined in rigorous regulations.
The regulations involve the productions of the extra category and first of all those of white and yellow peaches and of yellow nectarines in 18 communes of the Verona district. The varieties indicated in the regulation are 22, selected for the shape of the fruit, the flavor, the particular color and the level of sugar. As for the marketing period, the different varieties are grouped in early, medium and late ones. The cultivation of the peach and nectarine of Verona involves thousands of farms with a potential production of more that 120.000 tons for a business of more than 60 millions of euros.

Promotion and marketing of the “Pesca di Verona IGP”

Press campaign on public means of transport – “Pesca di Verona IGP” 2006-2007.

The campaign, conceived for the Consortium by the Futura Comunicazione advertising agency, was developed in three different ads: Persego, L’è bona, La fa ben. The use of the Veronese dialect in the headline wanted to underline the tight relationship between the fruit and the land, relaunching the love for the “local” without forgetting quality and taste. In a world which more and more often turns to English expressions and globalization, it just seemed right to reconcile the nature of the land with that of the people who cultivate that same land.
The campaign, which appeared on newspapers and public means of transport in the years 2006 and 2007, was a big success.

Tools for the celebrations of the “Pesca di Verona” in Villafranca.

The study of the tools for the celebrations – banners, small flags, decorations – was a direct consequence of the coordinated image created for the Pesca di Verona. The graphic design and the illustrations were designed and created ad hoc. The small boxes for the peaches, with a green leaf as closure and the little “windows” to appreciate its color were also used to make the event richer and more fun and to increase the value of the product. There’s no party without color!

Wooden and carton fruit boxes

Also the study of the boxes graphic design was careful and detailed, according to the trademark and the institutional colors. A landscape was drawn to recall our hills and our flat country, the ideal environment for the growing of this precious fruit.

Introductory flyer and recipe books of the “Pesca di Verona IGP”

All the information on the land, the origins and the nutritional values of the peach of Verona was planned and presented with an alluring graphic design, with the aim of making the old image new and to give it a new value on the market. The peach is not only a fruit but it represents important values. The recipe book, put inside the fruit boxes, gives a little historic information and lists a series of tasty recipes to cook this juicy fruit.

Certified products

Peach (white or yellow flesh)

The peach is a fruit which originally came from China, where it is still considered a symbol of immortality. It then reached Persia, country that lent the fruit its scientific name Prunus persica...

White or yellow nectarine

The nectarine, known in Italy as “pesca noce” (walnut peach) because of its completely smooth surface, finds its origin in the Persica Laevis, of the family of the Rosacee, Prunus genre...

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